About Localoud project and team

History and mission

All members of our team share passion for travelling. We have travelled a lot around different countries and got obsessed with the magically free state of soul and mind which overwhelms people discovering new destinations.

Why are we doing it?

We want every traveler not depending on its language and size of the group he/she travels with to have equal access to information describing the most interesting sightseeings of the country he/she visits.

We work to make access to interesting educating content cost-effective, convenient and in the most feasible format — in visitor’s native language.

It is why we have developed mobile guide platform supported by the majority of the mobile devices and look for opportunities to implement it.


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Our team

Andrey Yasinskiy

Andrey Yasinsky
Technology and development


I appreciate our project because it combines simplicity and feasibility which we lack so much in our everyday life. I hope that with our platform travellers around the world will get access to high quality materials not only in the most attended large and rich museums but in other less visited but not less attracting locations.

Vladimir Fedotov

Vladimir Fedotov
Clients and development


Travelling impassions many people. I travel to meet new cultures and history of places I visit. And for me availability of relevant content for me is extremely important. At the same time travelling is a way of relaxation so materials should be accessible in a convenient way and at affordable price. Localoud project aims to reach precisely this goal — making our vacations full of relevant feasible educating and entertaining content in our native language in a format of feasible cost-effective applications.

Sergey Konovalov

Sergey Konovalov
Projects and solutions


Mobile phones have already allowed us not only communicating with each other but also surfing the Internet, watching movies, listening to music, store information and learn new things. But our busy lifestyle makes it difficult to get prepared for your own vacations. It takes days to compile information fulfilling the places you are going to visit with facts, names and stories – with everything you require to enjoy the place! It is why I work to make our mobile guides really informative, relevant, interesting and useful.

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