Benefits of Localoud mobile guide


Attract more visitors

  • Localoud mobile guide can to a high extent substitute even experienced tourist guides allowing visitors discovering your exhibition not waiting for scheduled group or as a part of foreign-speaking group.
  • Using mobile guide app you can make your exposition more hospitable for foreign visitors not possessing the main language of the exposition.
  • Satisfied visitors will definitely recommend your museum/sightseeing/exhibition to their friends!


Maintain high service standards

  • Localoud will not forget figures and will not confuse facts. It will show all the most interesting and important aspects of your attraction. At the same time it may include as much information as you consider appropriate.
  • Localoud mobile guide will deliver represent information according to your museum’s policy and standards.
  • Localoud mobile guide may be created using audio materials recorded either from your professional guides or using skills of professional actors and custom music. It allows to provide excellent visitors’ experience!


Get to the next level of communication

  • Customised modules of mobile guide will allow additional means to communicate with your visitors: conduct surveys, invite them to your web and social pages, collect reviews and feedback in a feasible way!
  • Send your visitors reminders and invitations for newly opened modules of your exhibition. Share your news and happenings using Localoud mobile guide!


Generate revenue with mobile guide

  • Distributed for fee mobile guide is a cost-effective way to generate additional revenue for your museum!
  • Developed once the guide can be sold for a few seasons.
  • Relatively low cost to develop additional language set allows you addressing new segments of foreign visitors. Foreign guests from Russia, China, Japan, India, Italy and other countries will for sure appreciate it!

How does it look:

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