Free mobile guides for museums and sights

We create Apple and Android applications for museums and sights. Free of charge.

Localoud platform is first and so far the only solution to turn your content into separate mobile guide without efforts and nearly immediately.

  • We help museums and exhibitions who are willing to offer mobile application to visitors.
  • We offer solutions for city or community authorities who are willing to promote their region.
  • We support enthusiasts who would like to spread a word about their home area.


 Individual apps only, keep your content away from third-party applications with hundreds of other vendors under one roof unique

 You can manage everything from icon to app description on the marketplace

 People will find your guides by keywords, because we publish your apps directly to Apple AppStore and Google Play

 Reports are detailed and trustworthy, because you get them not from us, but directly from application marketplaces

 You can even sell your application and earn money on that! unique


 Our full-featured package is free, and you can go completely private label for a cost of coffee cup unique

 You can test this new market channel without expensive and long-term development


 We do not bother you with technical stuff, our platform just works

 For small fee we can do some extra work to save your time, because we like to travel and learn about new places unique


 We work under DNA and care about your intellectual property, which always remains yours

 Over 30 000 people use our applications as of July 2015, they just cannot all be wrong

 All paid plans have 100% unconditional cashback option in case you find something you are not happy about

 Subcription can be cancelled any time and we continue support your app for at least one more year afterwards


 All updates with new features, improvements and fixes—all done automatically and lifetime free


$0 /mo

  • Standard theme
  • Support for codes and QR
  • Ads inside app
  • Publication on Google Play
  • Publication on Apple AppStore
  • Limited email support
  • No phone support
  • No analytics provided


$159 /mo

  • 10 themes to choose
  • Support for codes and QR
  • No our ads inside
  • Publication on Google Play
  • Publication on Apple AppStore
  • Email support
  • Limited phone support
  • App analytics


$259 /mo

  • 30 themes + custom
  • Support for codes and QR
  • No our ads inside
  • Publication on Google Play
  • Publication on Apple AppStore
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Detailed app analytics
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